Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I did intend to get rid of the red and use the blue, but as I completed the blue on one hand, I liked the contrast.I don't often use celebrities as examples, but the blue colour is inspired by Rihanna. She is wearing it in one of her videos with the matching sky blue mohair cardigan.  Rimmel nail varnishes are really good and lasting. The brush is thick and usually one coat does it. They also have a very wide range of colours,  that suit all personal interests. 

In the park, getting fed up, with waiting for Rocky to bring the ball back, who is taking his  time strolling around the park. I have a range of these clips. They are lace material, in the shape of a bow. I have them in sky blue, baby pink, nude, and off white colour. 

Vintage Bag - 25 years old, belongs to mum.
Shoes are vintage design, brought from Primark for £8
My favourite Lycra leggings - so comfortable (I have I think about £8 pairs of them - so ideal)
Jumper - vintage market, Brick Lane
Jewellery: Owl necklace, River Island £12.99
Small necklace: Charity shop in Rochester.

I like this outfit, the skirt is true vintage.

I am so after a nice red dry lipstick or lip pencil, and I thought I found it. But it didn't turn out quite red. I like the red Gwen Stefani wears. I have been advised to buy the Kate Moss one, apparently it is about £7 and is the red I am after and lasts all day. Anyone got any reviews or ideas for what I am after??

More like this one Gwen is wearing - I want a dry one, not glossy or shimmery.


Vix said...

That sweater is a lovely sunny colour, really suits you. Have you tried Barry M? They do a matt Pillar Box Red (Shade 121) which is really vibrant and retro looking. It's normally £4.49 but I think Boots are doing two for £7 this week. x

Jatinda Kang said...

Thanks for your advice Vix and your comment. No I haven't tried that one, I will have to though... yes retro red, sounds like the colour.


Georgia. said...

Fabulous nail colours, they go so well together! Georgia x

Hola Bambi said...

ahh you're so cute x