Sunday, 22 July 2012


Hi  to all you good vintage stylers, and readers:
Firstly apologies, I haven't had no time to focus on myself , I have been working, and there were a couple of days, where I didn't feel too good, like headaches etc. This cardigan is one of my favourite vintage ones, I wore it like this and I wore it as a jumper too, I turned it around so that the buttons were v neck at the back. I will take a pic of that and add it. It is a beautiful vintage fit, and even though it is oversized, it still fits nice around the arms.

My hair below, after just washing it and drying it with a hairdryer.

Later that evening,when I didn't feel too good. I dont like my hair in plaits much often, it looks thin 

One of my favourite tights, from Marks and Sparks (brought by mother)
My favourite brogues from Vintage Market in Spitalfields.

Excuse the mess behind me :-)

Second day after washing hair, I love this light knit red dress, it is actually a size 8, (which I was once), from Ebay £12.99 (buy it now)

Me and my boy Rocky, he didn't quite mind posing for a snap on this particular morning

My bag from Forever 21, 3 years old. 

Sunglasses from Brick Lane Vintage Market - one of my favourite pairs, unbrushed hair (as usual), but washed.

One of my favourite nude coloured tops, perfect for summer, I usually never wear jewellery with this top, it is  wide chiffon sleeves, the fabric is stuck around the back and the the sleeves are unstitched at the front, so it with sleeves and semi sleeveless.

I agree, need to change the colour of my nail varnish. I went through a phase of this shade of blue, now I think I will go back to corals, reds, and may even try maroon this week. 
See you soon. I am posting more this week on the outfits I wear this week other bits.
 I am still trying to get my mother to get her nighties out, from 20 years ago, because I want to wear them as maxis, inspired by the loveable Vix

Perfect for these couple of days of sunshine x


Vix said...

Oh, Miss J, your hair is fabulous! That shawl sleeved blouse is a beauty and those sunglasses and tights are too cool! x

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for following me and asking again for me to follow you. I had emailed you previously to let you know I couldn't find where to follow on your page. Well, I just now noticed that I had your page set to "snapshot" option and that I could change that and also where the little toggle thingy on the right was to follow...and where to comment. Sorry I've been so slow coming around and figuring this out. I'll visit again soon. Very nice to meet you! :)

wardrobeexperience said...

your hair is so inspiring! love the cardi from the first two shots.

Jatinda Kang said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. Yes, I love the cardigan, it belongs to my gran when she was 31. She is 63 now.

See you around


Surbhi Suri said...

I loved the way u play with ur hair. Pretty cardigan too ! Thanks for ur comment on my blog, and I am following u back !

Antonella Leone said...

great pics :D love the pic with the dog <3

Ahmad Baig said...

Love all your retro clothes! Love the cardigan. tights and shoes! It really is wonderful when you reclaim something that belonged to someone you knew that wore it decades ago and reinvent it :)

Marisa- Broke With Designer Taste said...

Super cute sweater!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


Forever Miss Vanity said...

Really cute outfits - love them.

I'm following


Misha said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by on my blog and sorry for replying so late. Your blog is great n I specially like the originality of content here! Keep up the good work gurl and keep in touch!