Sunday, 5 August 2012


Hi Beautiful Unique People - I have been a little unwell, with a fever and a cold and working as well, so I have been leaving comments on other blogs, and taking pictures of my own bits, but I needed a bit more energy to write and to actually focus. So who went to see the Olympics and who is watching them on TV? I personally, have been not watching at all. 

This is a pink pencil that is versatile, can be used as a lip liner or eyeliner. It is called East Girl  Colour Dak and is waterproof. I love lip pencils and lip liners, I often use them as lip colours/lipsticks. 


That is me at the top, but I used the pink pencil as the liner and on the top lip and then I dabbed on a touch of foundation cream on the bottom lip, I wanted the soft pink look. But which one do you prefer out of the second two? Out of the second two, I prefer the first picture, not the dark pink...

My vintage shoes which I have had for over 8 years, I was too embarrassed to wear them once, but I now think they go quite well with certain bits in my wardrobe. They have a beautiful velvet feel to them and are really comfortable. 

What kinda outfit would you wear them with??

Green or Purple?
The green ones are the original pair.
My sister brought these for me from Debnehams once for my birthday in a sale £30. They are very comfortable and look very stylish with skinny jeans or a nice white knee length summer dress.

My glasses from Brick Lane Vintage Market. I want to create a post of wearing and mixing shoes, which some people may see as bizarre, some may see as cool, stylish or completely mad, I am not sure but personally I have tried it and adapted they style to  a few outfits. I think as long as the style of the shoes are the same or are similar, it works. One of my mad creativities.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

10 pics

 Red Kate Moss lipstick - £6.99

Below am wearing a vintage satin material, printed skirt, shame the image does not show the exact true colour, the top is an undergarment top, but I never wear it as undergarment, always as a top.

Sunday, 22 July 2012


Hi  to all you good vintage stylers, and readers:
Firstly apologies, I haven't had no time to focus on myself , I have been working, and there were a couple of days, where I didn't feel too good, like headaches etc. This cardigan is one of my favourite vintage ones, I wore it like this and I wore it as a jumper too, I turned it around so that the buttons were v neck at the back. I will take a pic of that and add it. It is a beautiful vintage fit, and even though it is oversized, it still fits nice around the arms.

My hair below, after just washing it and drying it with a hairdryer.

Later that evening,when I didn't feel too good. I dont like my hair in plaits much often, it looks thin 

One of my favourite tights, from Marks and Sparks (brought by mother)
My favourite brogues from Vintage Market in Spitalfields.

Excuse the mess behind me :-)

Second day after washing hair, I love this light knit red dress, it is actually a size 8, (which I was once), from Ebay £12.99 (buy it now)

Me and my boy Rocky, he didn't quite mind posing for a snap on this particular morning

My bag from Forever 21, 3 years old. 

Sunglasses from Brick Lane Vintage Market - one of my favourite pairs, unbrushed hair (as usual), but washed.

One of my favourite nude coloured tops, perfect for summer, I usually never wear jewellery with this top, it is  wide chiffon sleeves, the fabric is stuck around the back and the the sleeves are unstitched at the front, so it with sleeves and semi sleeveless.

I agree, need to change the colour of my nail varnish. I went through a phase of this shade of blue, now I think I will go back to corals, reds, and may even try maroon this week. 
See you soon. I am posting more this week on the outfits I wear this week other bits.
 I am still trying to get my mother to get her nighties out, from 20 years ago, because I want to wear them as maxis, inspired by the loveable Vix

Perfect for these couple of days of sunshine x

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My favourite brooch

I love this brooch, the dress is quite short, am wearing it with tights, it is simply a short black frock, with this as the top as part of the dress. This brooch specifically looks vintage to me. I love lace, in different colours, in contrast with each other. 

This is the necklace I am wearing in the other post with the yellow jumper, except there was a bird pendent as well, with this little diamant√©, but I have swung that at the back and left this on it's own at the front. So, it looks like a necklace at the front and at the back. Had no one to take the pic at the time. 


I did intend to get rid of the red and use the blue, but as I completed the blue on one hand, I liked the contrast.I don't often use celebrities as examples, but the blue colour is inspired by Rihanna. She is wearing it in one of her videos with the matching sky blue mohair cardigan.  Rimmel nail varnishes are really good and lasting. The brush is thick and usually one coat does it. They also have a very wide range of colours,  that suit all personal interests. 

In the park, getting fed up, with waiting for Rocky to bring the ball back, who is taking his  time strolling around the park. I have a range of these clips. They are lace material, in the shape of a bow. I have them in sky blue, baby pink, nude, and off white colour. 

Vintage Bag - 25 years old, belongs to mum.
Shoes are vintage design, brought from Primark for £8
My favourite Lycra leggings - so comfortable (I have I think about £8 pairs of them - so ideal)
Jumper - vintage market, Brick Lane
Jewellery: Owl necklace, River Island £12.99
Small necklace: Charity shop in Rochester.

I like this outfit, the skirt is true vintage.

I am so after a nice red dry lipstick or lip pencil, and I thought I found it. But it didn't turn out quite red. I like the red Gwen Stefani wears. I have been advised to buy the Kate Moss one, apparently it is about £7 and is the red I am after and lasts all day. Anyone got any reviews or ideas for what I am after??

More like this one Gwen is wearing - I want a dry one, not glossy or shimmery.

Friday, 13 July 2012

cherries and apples

Hi, back again, with another silly post.... I that luminous yellow ring, actually I really can't tell if it's luminous yellow or green, but it made me feel really good, wearing with this shade of red nail varnish and the top. Red scoop neck knit top, very comfortable, have had it for over 5 years, from Primark, I think. Rings ring stand at Barking market in Essex.

The print on the first ring always reminds of childrens art work in primary schools, like lots of dots and mixtures of paints. Both are antique rings, the neon coloured one was £11 and the other one was £6 from a little shop in Dulwich Village.  I know my nails are quite short. 

 Red floral mini hair clip - £4 H and M
Unbrushed hair....again.